3D Printers mod list

Ender 3 Pro

Today these cheaper 3D printers are pretty capable out of the box but can need some changes to perform better or be better suited for your needs. I told myself initially I wasn’t going to go crazy with modifications to the printer, well I failed hard at that already.

Bambu Lab X1C /w AMS

My partner also joined me in 3D printing and the Ender 3 was not enough to handle both our ideas. The backlog was huge and the Ender was slow. We ended up researching for another printer and decided on the Bambu Lab X1C. I wrote a lot about it here on why I picked it and whats it capable of. This printer wont need as much addons as the Ender to get it where I want but will have a few.

  • Purge (poop) bucket for waste filament
  • Y adapter for TPU and other abrasive filaments
  • Exhaust fan muffler
  • LED bracket system