Creality tent enclosure for Ender 3

I picked up the Creality tent enclosure for the Ender 3 series for a few reasons. First and the main reason is we have cats and I don’t want them chewing wires, filament, or climbing on the printer. It also will do great at keeping the dust to a minimum and happens to be fire retardant which is nice for piece of mind. The sound reduction it offers also helps.

Setup was simple, it’s just a tube and joint frame with a cover that slips over it. There are zippers. velcro and rubber grommet hole for access and routing wires in and out of the tent. The fire retardant material is very reflective on the inside which helps with dispersing light all over the inside. Clearly, they put a lot of thought into the design for practical usage. I thought about making my own enclosure but the mimic all of the features this has would be a lot of work.