Creality extruder package

With the constant re-adjusting of the bed, and stories of the plastic extruder breaking I wanted to replace these parts. The Creality extruder package contains:

  • Yellow bed springs
  • Metal extruder assembly.
  • Capricorn teflon tube
  • Silicon cover for the hot end

Yellow bed springs: These springs are stronger and should keep the bed level longer reducing the need to constantly level the bed. The springs were easy to install, just unthread all 4 wheels under the bed and pull the bed up. Watch for the bed warmer wires they are fragile. Replaced springs, put the bed back down, and reinstalled the wheels. Few things to note about the yellow springs that come with the kit, they are 25mm long vs the stock silver which is 20mm long. Due to this, the Z-axis will need some adjusting after you install them. I move the Z-axis sensor up about 5mm on the frame, then releveled the bed. Everything worked great after that.

Metal extruder: This extruder assembly was also an easy install. I suggest taking a picture of your plastic one before taking it off as you can see which bolts go where. The metal is the same design so it goes back together the same way. It should come with all new screws and hardware for the assembly. There are instructions that come with it to show how it goes together.

Capricon Teflon tube is designed to handle heat better as well as less resistance on filament passing through. The inner diameter is smaller than the stock white tube and fits 1.75mm filament more snugly. I measured the old tube and cut it down to be the same size. Make sure to cut the tube straight and cleanly so it fits correctly.

Silicone cover: My existing silicon cover was fine so I left it on, this one is now a backup.

I didn’t have any quality or installation issues with the parts. Other than the bed springs being higher everything went as expected. Seems like a great kit for smoothing out some minor issues with the ender 3 series. Well worth the upgrade.