HICTOP Flexible Steel Platform with PEI

After having some issues with leveling my Ender 3 Pro due to peaks in the center of the bed I purchased a glass top. This was fantastic for leveling but I had many issues getting prints safely off the surface. The freezer trick worked for small things and I didn’t want to have to use things like glue sticks or hair spray each time on the surface.

So I went for a PEI surface that was stiff with steel but still flexible. The HICTOP PEI surface was very reasonably priced, worked with the stock magnetic sheet, and was still stiff enough that bed leveling was easier. The added bonus is I can now print PETG without having to put painter’s tape down.

There are three types in the 235x235mm size I went with. Textured one-sided PEI, Smooth / Textured Double Sided PEI, and Both sides Textured PEI which is the one I went for. I really like the textured part of the stock magnetic sheet for printing so this is close to that. With it being double sized I should get twice the life out of it.