The Bambu Lab X1C /w AMS has arrived!

The Bambu Lab X1C /w AMS that I pre-ordered last month has arrived. The box was in great shape no punctures or crushed areas which was a good initial sign. Unboxing took some time and they clearly put a lot of effort into packaging and removal process. Since I ordered a combo unit the AMS was secured inside the X1C with a few screws to a tray and the bed was also secured down with screws. These were all clearly pointed out in the directions taped to the top of the X1C when you open the box. These directions also go over how to connect the AMS unit to the X1C. At this point there are a few foam things under the bed that I couldn’t get out just yet.

Powering the printer on it guided me through simple things like language, wifi and getting the Bambu Handy phone app setup as well as account. Other things like calibration which was very thorough and firmware updates were done.

I loaded in the supplied PLA filament and printed a benchy that was pre-loaded with LCD display. 24min later I had a perfect benchy, a shockingly fast time for such quality.

I then continued to print other things such as a waste bin for the filament it extrudes during color changes as well as print sheet holder and tools to remove AMS connectors. During these prints I played around more with the Bambu Studio (slicer) and Bambu Handy (phone app) applications. I was shocked to see I could speed up and slow down printing on the fly with Bambu Handy on my phone or through the Bambu Studio slicer application. This was fantastic as the Ludicrous speed is pretty loud and I love the option of slowing it down to Silent when its time to go to bed. Silent is still pretty loud if you are not used to 3d printers and I sure wouldn’t want to sleep in the room as one running but Silent is significantly quieter than Ludicrous. There are also two other modes in between those Standard and Sport. Silent is 50% speed, Standard is 100%, Sport 124% and Ludicrous is 166%. The speed of Silent is equivalent to the fastest my modded Ender3 can go.

Initial impressions are very good. Everything I have printed has turned out fantastic and the experience has been flawless. Not having to manually adjust anything or deal with any issues has made great first impression. I still have plenty more to test like filaments other than PLA, multi color prints, different bed sheets and such. So expect more soon as I play more with this printer.