Filament storage solution obtained

Hi, im nmoody and I have a filament problem. I needed a way to store and easily find my filament while making sure it didn’t absorb moisture. Cost and amount of space it took up also mattered and I debated a lot of solutions.

After I decided against containers as they I didn’t want to be digging through totes to find filament I opted for reusable sealed bags for moisture prevention. This then allowed lots of options for shelves and such.

Finding reasonably priced shelves that fit the space allocated and would work for storing filament was pretty hard as it turns out. I ended up getting these Ikea Vesken shelves, which have worked out great. They technically don’t handle the weight requirement of the filament but its not going over by that much. I can fit 5 normal sized rolls per shelf totaling 20 rolls a shelve and purchased two shelves.

Pretty happy with the results and easily can get more as my collection grows.