Radiolink RC6GS V3

Not wanting to spend many hundreds of dollars on a remote and receiver but still have features such as battery monitoring and ABS braking really doesn’t give you many options. All the brands at my local hobby shop which I try to support were way our of my price range with these features.

After doing a bunch of research I ended up getting the Radiolink RC6GS V3. This had everything I wanted and more for a sub $100 price.

I wont go too much into the feature details as their website and countless youtube videos cover these things. What I will say is it has exceeded my expectations having an overwhelming amount of features and options. The ABS really helped with not forward flipping my Rival MT10 when braking and the battery monitor gives me a great idea of how much power I have left in both the remote and car.

Battery alarms need to be adjusted or else it will yell at you constantly. I did have to pick up some adapters to convert the XT60 adapters to Deans for the battery monitor as well as reverse the steering servo. Other than that a quick pairing to the receiver and calibration and I was ready to go!

I have not tried the gyro steering yet but its on my list to play with as well as countless other features it has.