Some upgrades for RC cars

I recently picked up a 3S battery for my RC car which I was told should make a go a bit faster. Due to this, I used my 3D printer to make some protection for my MT10, a roof skid plate as well as a wing skid protector. The wing I especially did some damage to that first day I had the car. These helped significantly in protecting the top.

But sadly didn’t help protect my front control arm from the newfound speed and my stupidity of ramming head-on into a curb. I picked up some RPM front arms as replacements, I knew the stock arms were prone to breaking and these seem to be the go-to for resolving that issue.

I also 3D printed a few things for my buddies Arrma Senton. A battery tray for use with 2S batteries and a box to help weather protect his receiver.

These brushless motors also seem to get pretty hot so I added a heatsink/fan combo that clipped onto the engine. I had an available spot on my receiver to power it so installation was very simple and didn’t require taking anything apart.