Broken thermister – wild temperature readings

I was having some issues with my hot end temperature. Getting an E1 error on the LCD display seemingly randomly. Looking at Octoprint I also noticed that the temperature for the hot end was all over the place and had issues staying stable. More than what a PID would need. Below is a picture of Octoprint I took while troubleshooting, the temp later crashed down hard and that’s when I got the E1 error. I had heard of thermistors being a wear item on these printers and decided to take a look at how mine.

As I pulled the thermistor sensor out of the hot end it just disintegrated into dust. After doing some reading this is a glass bead that covers the end tip. This is a cheap and easy fix just ordering a new thermistor wire. I have seen that it’s recommended to have a few on hand at all times.