D750 acquired

Recently picked up a used D750 from Keh.com. It was an interesting journey coming to decide on the D750 so let me walk you through it.

It all started with the want for more a wider lens for landscape photography which is what I primarily like do. I was looking at wide lenses and to get anything that was nice and wider than my existing 25-70 2.8 G would be pretty expensive. Then I was thinking about if I should even invest anymore into DSLR when all the manufactures are moving to mirrorless cameras.

So I made a post on thephotoforums.com asking what direction I should go for the future of my gear. I was looking at either mirrorless or sticking to what I had. In the end I made the classic mistake of not starting from the beginning issue and jumped ahead to solution options. After much discussion the most economical and best solution was to upgrade my camera body to a full frame so that the 24 end of my existing lens would be wider and would get the benefits of full frame cameras such as better low light and image quality.

Come to find out all my existing lenses are capable of FX so no lens upgrades are needed. I had thought my 70-300 was DX only but turns out its works on FX. Still most FX bodies were out of my price range new so used was likely what I needed. After grueling over stats and cost I decided on the D750 as it could be had used in excellent condition for a reasonable price and meet all my requirements.

Its physical setup is very similar to my D7100 that its replacing so it feels rather natural to me in my hands. The body is ever so slightly larger but not noticeable unless you have them right next to each other. It also happens to use the same batteries as my D7100 which is nice.

Shutter count wasnt too bad at a little over 80k. For the condition it was in I think it must of be cared for well. All buttons and features work great, barely any noticeable marks on it.

It came with a battery and charger for it. It didnt come with the strap, eye cup or hotshoe cap. Was kinda surprised at the eye cup not being there so sent them an email to their support.

Im looking forward to getting out and taking some pictures with it. Will surely post them once I have