EXIF data and web browser plugins

Trying to figure out how a picture was taken can be a challenge sometimes just by looking at it. Luckily almost all the digital camera’s of today leave detailed information within a photo called EXIF (exchangeable image file format) data. I find EXIF information very handy when trying to figure out how a picture was taken and with what hardware was used. You can read more about EXIF data here:

Most photo programs can view EXIF data already but when you are browsing forums or websites its sometimes too much of a hassle to download the picture just to see what settings were used. Most common internet browsers will have plugins that can view EXIF data by just hovering over a picture or right clicking on it. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all have plugins for EXIF data.

I personally use Google Chrome as a browser of choice and have tried a few different EXIF plugins over time. This one specifically is my favorite: