Some car photography

Recently has the opportunity to try some car photography. Since most of the roads I like to drive are inaccessible right now due to fires our driving group decided to do a picture tour around San Francisco. They pre setup a few nice spots to take pictures of our cars. The weather was very cloudy and foggy which isnt so uncommon in SF but the smoke also wasnt helping. Here are some I took.

These are at Fort Baker on the north side of the San Fransisco bridge. The fog has no detail in it so its sadly just pure white.

I especially liked this location which is Battery Rathbone McIndoe. The decrepit old munitions bunker has very interesting detail and allows you to get up high for a much different perspective.

This was a bit hard to find but its Clarion Alley and Lilac Alley in SF where street artist have painted the whole ally with some amazing artwork. I will have to come back here at some point when I have more time.