Weekly Photo #31

This was taken outside my apartment, the tree’s are starting to bloom. This was an interesting one for me, the original picture was a complete failure and I turned it into something reasonable.

The final product

The original

The only program I used was Lightroom 4. In it I toned down all the blue’s and enhanced the pinks and magenta’s as well as exposure, tone, vibrance, contrast and sharpness.

Camera Info
Device: Nikon D3100
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8G
Focal Length: 60mm
Focus Mode: AF-A
AF-Area Mode: Dynamic
AF Fine Tune:

Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 1/200s
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure Comp.: 0EV
Exposure Tuning:
Metering: Spot
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 400